Throughout my studies I have involved in entrepreneurial and creative side projects. I am deeply passionate about learning and development, therefore I have been actively ideating, conceptualising, experimenting, and designing learning experiences.

Themes of the workshops:

  • Design Thinking
  • Building your MVP
  • Customer Development
  • Speculative Design
  • Personal Branding & Networking

Workshop Design & Delivery


Freelance Creative Projects

What I did

Workshop Design, Workshop Facilitation

Design Thinking Workshop

Design has shifted from a mere profession to a way of thinking. The challenges we are faced with today require us to have an innovative approach to problem solving. Design Thinking in this sense helps getting most efficiently from ideas to results through empathy and experimentation.

I have facilitated a Design Thinking workshop in which I have introduced the participants to the methodology and principles. I am firm believer in learning by doing, therefore I have designed the event in such a way that the participants can experience the whole process. Together we engaged in interactive exercises to gain empathy for the user, come up with innovative solutions, test them and receive instant feedback.

Design Thinking Workshop
Minimal Viable Product Workshop

MVP workshop

During a one day workshop with second year students (International Business Innovation Studies) we have dived into lean startup methodology and focused on Minimal viable Products. The students have validated their problem and target group and now the next step was to find the problem-solution fit.

We have been working with the Validation Board, testing assumptions, pivoting and interviewing customers. By the end of the workshop students got familiar with the MVP concept, set the right success criteria and were able to make progress with their ideas.