Initially intended as my thesis project on the question of  ‘How should an educational programme be like for change makers?’, the Change Makers Project has soon become one of my greatest passions.
Since 2017, I have been traveling around Europe interviewing employees at NGOs social entrepreneurs, and those aiming to achieve a great positive impact through their work to find out if change makers are born or made.

Change Makers are everywhere, they come in different shapes and sizes and have amazing and diverse backgrounds. These series of interviews that can be found in video or audio format have the aim to inspire you with interesting stories, and give you some practical piece of advice.

If you are interested in the project, find it on:

Youtube: The Change Makers Stories

Soundcloud: The Change Makers Podcast

Spotify: The Change Makers Podcast

Medium: The Change Makers Stories


The Change Makers Project


Individual Entrepreneurial Project

What I Did

Content Creation, Business Development

The Change Makers Series

Consider the Video Series an inspiration digest that compile some interesting take aways from the interviews I have conducted.

The Change Makers Podcast

The podcast contains the full interviews I have had with change makers, which serve as a source of inspiration through personal stories, but also practical advice on how to deal with and be part of the inevitable change.