What if we could reimagine a better world? What would happen if trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things become embedded in our daily lives? Inspired by the book “Speculative Everything” I have designed and facilitated Speculative Design course for 1st year students (International Business&Innovation Studies).

During interactive classes, together with a group of 28 students, we have explored major trends and emerging technologies that are likely to affect most aspects of our daily life and dived into various what if questions about futures (not future). We have engaged in future scenario mapping and debated about the plausibility and possibility of these scenarios, considering ethical, social and cultural issues. The purpose of the class was to provoke the students to think beneath the surface of various factors, understand the impact of various technologies and imagine how our world will look like or SHOULD look like in 10-15 years from now.


Speculative Design Course


International Business Innovation Course (Inholland University)

What I did

Curriculum Design, Content Creation, Facilitation of Classes

The Structure of the Course

The Speculative Design Course compiles five sessions.

The first session is dedicated to a general introduction about speculative design and about the course. The following three sessions deep dive into three developing trends (robotics, IoT, biotech); students are asked to speculate on potential future scenarios that incorporate these trends. The final session is dedicated to student presentations who have worked on their individual Speculative Scenario throughout the short course.

Speculative Design class design