I have started my public speaking experience initially in 2014, as part of my university program. Back then I had the possibility to give a 5 minute talk on a subject that I am really passionate about.

My choice was discussing the topic of media’s influence over our perceptions of life, mainly its impact on women’s self-esteem and gender stereotyping.

Later on, I have practiced my public speaking during pitching events, such as the Lean Startup weekend, and other entrepreneurial events within StudentTalks and TEDx.


Public Speaking


Student Talks, Copenhagen

TEDx Amsterdam

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Lean Education

In this talk, I shared my thoughts on Lean Education, drawing new lines between our current education system and the main thoughts of entrepreneurship.

Education is like taking the bus. The driver sets the course and speed, while you are a passenger towards the destination. Entrepreneurship is completely different. It is like riding your bike. You are your own driver, you set the pace, find the destination and decide which road you’ll travel on.

Both education and entrepreneurship are about giving yourself the opportunity to make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes by using them to figure out what you must change to reach your goal.

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Lean Education approach: how to use an entrepreneurial approach to your learning journey
Tedx AUC pitch night on the theme of the fifth dimension

TEDx Amsterdam

TEDx AU College has organised an event on the theme of The Fifth Dimension. In physics, the first, second, third and fourth dimensions have been established by scientists and academics. The fifth dimension, however, has not yet been defined. It is the unknown, the undefined and the unexplored.

During the TEDx pitch night event,  I have shared my thoughts about breaking the silos within education. We need a new way of organising learning, one that would reflect the interconnectedness and complexity of the world.