ImpacT Academies is a coding school from Moldova, that aims to teach the young generation about the most valuable and necessary digital skills. I have worked with the company as an education designer through the development of a Design Thinking course applied for digital solutions.

During this project, I have created the structure of the course (in terms of timing, number of sessions, learning outcomes and deliverables), and the content (activities for each session with an instruction for the facilitators, and printable handouts).

As a result of the project, I have put together a Design Thinking playbook that can be used by facilitators, teams or people interested in learning more about the topic.


Design Thinking Curriculum & Playbook


ImpacT Academies

What I Did

Curriculum Design, Content Creation, Training for Facilitators

The Structure of The Playbook

The Playbook is structured in four main sessions that each entail an explanation of a particular step in the Design Thinking process, activities, handouts and instructions to practice that step.



Practical Advice

Each session contains an explanation of the Design Thinking block, and a list of exercises and handouts that will help the readers understand and practice the Design Thinking process