If I think about what were the best moments of my life, it’s definitely those crazy on the spot, ‘just go for it’ decisions. Since I have been living in the Netherlands for a while now, I got a bit of the Dutch fever in planning, filling in my calendar with to do’s and time blocking everything. Routines are cool, because they get the things done, however I feel like sometimes we have forgotten what it means to truly live. We are most of the time so busy hustling that we forget to slow down a bit and just enjoy the moment of being in the present, not thinking about the next step. Just being.
 spontaneous, live in the now
The only reality is our present. To live for the future would mean to miss the point completely. And planning everything is exactly that- living for a future we imagine in our heads and forgetting the fact that life is unpredictable.
How many times do we have “circumstances” that are not allowing us to do something? How many times do we keep telling ourselves that now is not the right moment? How many times do we say that we need more time?
I have found myself so many times in overthinking and waiting for the right moment, in believing that now is not the right time. But as time passes I realise there will never be a right moment for anything, that waiting is futile.
Letting go of plans is scary, because it means losing control and certainty. But the more we try to plan things that we cannot control, the more we allow stress and anxiety to enter our lives. In life you can be comfortable or courageous, but not both at once.
Allowing yourself to wonder however, opens up more doors for serendipitous encounters, inspiring ideas and unforgettable experiences. It means you accept the fact that things might take a different, unexpected turn.
So let’s allow a bit of spontaneity in between our routines. Let’s ‘shamelessly’ live in the moment and enjoy it. Let’s live for the process, not the destination. Life is too short to be divided into time blocks.

In the end, more than anything else, we regret the small chances we didn’t take, the priceless relationships we were too busy to nurture, and the good decisions we waited too long to make.

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